Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions on our program? We have answers! Learn what you need to know on our FAQs page.

Am I able just to walk in, or should I register before?

You are absolutely allowed to walk/ drop-in to our classes. However, we encourage you to register online beforehand. Many of our classes sell out through our website.

Are there any formed groups where people know each other and I will be new to it?

We have BB superstars that attend our classes regularly. However, there are no formed groups, and, like you, many are new to the program. One thing is for sure, we have THE BEST dance community in all of NYC! You may enter the studio alone, but you'll leave class with a squad!

Can we drink alcohol in classes?

For the safety of our students, we do not allow alcohol in our weekly classes. Although, alcohol is MORE THAN permitted in private events.

Do all classes feature original choreography (from the show or music video)?

Our classes include both custom and original choreography. It typically depends on the song, video, and teacher.

Do you have available restrooms/ dressing rooms ?

There are restrooms and/ or dressing rooms at all of our locations!

How old do you have to be to participate in Broadway Bodies classes?

Due to the suggestive lyrics and choreography of our classes, students participating in classes must be 16 years or age or older. However, private events are open to all ages!

How will I know if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather?

We hate canceling classes, and usually do not unless the subway system, train, or studios close. However, if a storm presents a huge obstacle for class participation (for teachers or students), an email will be sent and a notification will be posted on the homepage of our website.

I'm out of shape, and have very little dance experience. I've alway been intimidated by group classes. Is this for me?

Yes, yes, yes! Please never be intimidated by ANY of our programs. Our squad of superstars don't care if you pick-up the choreography immediately or fumble through the entire dance. We solely want you to have fun and unleash your inner superstar!! We pride ourselves on being a safe, supportive, and shame-free environment!

What is the skill level required for your program?

Our classes are open to all skill levels. However, the difficulty of the choreography may range according to song and style.

What should I bring and wear?

Feel free to wear comfortable footwear and anything that you can move freely in. We also encourage you to dress in the vein of the class. Have fun! Express yourself!

What the difference between a class, workshop, and private event?

Great question! Classes are 60 minutes, held weekly, and organized by Broadway Bodies. Workshops are also organized by Broadway Bodies, but are held intermittently. Typically, they are a bit longer in length than a traditional class (75 - 90 minutes). Private events are organized by the student/ customer, and custom designed by request.

When am I able to sign up for next month's classes?

We post the schedule for the next month on the 15th. Registration and the new class schedule will be posted on the 15th of every month. Please note that all classes are subject to change and cancellation based on low enrollment or studio availability.

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