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What is Broadway Bodies?

If you've ever seen a dance routine in a music video or a musical and thought to yourself, 'I wish I could do that dance,' then Broadway Bodies is your answer!

Broadway Bodies is a high-impact, dance cardio workout to your favorite Show Tunes, Movie Musicals, and Pop Videos. Incorporating basic and challenging dance movements (choreography) with high impact aerobics, Broadway Bodies is a fun and exciting cardio class that encourages you to sing a long while you sweat. » Find out More

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Coming This Month and Next

  • 2014 NYC Halloween Parade: While our theme is the GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS, we at Broadway Bodies are going to DELIGHT in bringing back some songs from our 2012 mix when Sandy took our fun away! "Thriller," "Time Warp," "Transylvania Mania!" and....A Backstreet Boys song YOU WILL LOVE!!! You requested it and now YOU get to PERFORM IT!! Start thinking about those costumes, get out that face paint and join us in taking the streets of NYC on Friday, October 31st! ALSO...WE HAVE BEEN PUT AT THE FRONT OF THE PARADE this year! No long waits. Dance and then Party!
  • Broadway Cardio is saluting the 1970's this month with our new series, Broadway by the Decade! Come join us every Tuesday at 7pm at Chelsea Studios and every Saturday at 10am at CAP21!
  • You wanted Beyonce? You've got her! Every Monday and Wednesday in Top of the Pop Charts. Make sure to see if the class you want to attend is full or not.

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New Upcoming Events

    Our instructors can teach you and your party a dance that your guests will never forget. E-mail us at for more information.

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What people are saying

'I had a great time, thanks! I'll totally be back. I was worried because I've been to 'beginner' classes at Broadway Dance Center where you've got these pretentious teenagers who have been dancing all their lives. So I was glad to see it wasn't like that at all. There was no attitude, and I could actually keep up!'

-Jesse A.

'What a great time!! Can't wait till next week! Hopefully by then I will have recovered feeling in my thigh muscles.'

-Sara E.

'On my week off in NYC I took the Broadway Bodies class. I sweated my butt off! I love a good cardio workout, but have always hated aerobics classes. The movement feels awkward and unnatural to me, and as a dancer, I never feel like those classes utilize my full range of motion. The movement in Broadway Bodies is inspired by dance, so it is more fluid, natural, and fun!'

- Molly T.

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